Welcome to Herogra Especiales

HEROGRA ESPECIALES, S.L. is dedicated to the formulation and commercialisation of:

  • Special fertilizers
  • Biostimulants
  • Plant Protection Products (PPPs)

Within its activity, it also manufactures for other national and international companies.

The commercialization as well as the supplying of raw materials are of an international scope.

HEROGRA ESPECIALES approaches the future with firm proposals to continue expanding its business internationally.

About us

From the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing process, product acquisition, packaging and swiftness and flexibility in the supply chain.
Continually investigating farmers’ needs and introducing added values to our products to cater for an increasingly specialised agricultural sector.
Respect for the environment as a differentiating factor – minimising environmental impact and favouring improved management of our resources.
Exportation has always been one of the basic foundations of our business philosophy. Herogra Especiales currently operates in more than 40 countries.

Production capacity

  • 10TM/Day of chelates.
  • 45 TM/Day of micronutrients correctors.
  • 40 TM/Day of liquid foliar fertilizers.
  • 150 TM/Day of Eurofosfato.
  • 20 TM/Day of amino acids and bioestimulants.
  • 100 TM/Day of Flow gels.
  • 30 TM/Day of Copper flow.
  • 200 TM/Day of water-soluble crystalline products for fertigation.
  • 30 TM/Day of solid foliar products.


D. Juan Romero
D. Juan RomeroPresident
D. Joaquín Romero
D. Joaquín RomeroVice-president
Mr.Juan José Romero
Mr.Juan José RomeroManager
Mr. Ramón Gámiz
Mr. Ramón GámizCEO
Mrs. Ana Romero
Mrs. Ana RomeroCFO

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