To speak of history in Herogra means tracing back to 1916.

That’s the year when D. Juan Romero Granados started in the fertilizer business.

Later, his little brother (considered the 2nd generation) D. Hermenegildo was responsible for expanding the new fertilizers in a world where agriculture was becoming more professional day after day, and where the population was increasing, boosting the demand for food. The name of HEROGRA was taken from the initials of D. Hermenegildo Romero Granados.

Hermenegildo had also the chance to meet and collaborate with the new generation of the family in the last decade of the 20th century, when great expansion took place in Herogra, affecting the manufacturing processes and marketing. HEROGRA became one of the most extensive and most innovative fertilizers ranges in Europe, with the most modern and automated systems for production, marketing and shipping.

Finally, in the first decade of the new millennium, the company expanded, thanks to new partnerships the company’s leadership is strengthened at a national level, highlighting the actions taken to overcome the obstacles of the current situation and focusing its strategy on shareholding in new manufacturers of liquid fertilizers for fertigation.

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Líquidos del Mediterráneo

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Also forming part of the business group:

  • Fertinova: Dedicated to the design of liquid fertilizer plants and supply of technology.
  • Maxlogtrans: Domestic and international logistics agency.
  • Motrileña de líquidos: Ship unloading and storage of liquid fertilizers at the port of Motril.

The History of Herogra Especiales, S.L.

Herogra Especiales, S.L. was established in 1994. For Herogra, it had been years since they worked in the distribution of nutritional and plant protection products, but that’s the year when, within the policy of business diversification, the idea of creating a plant for nutritional products special took shape.

This is epitomized in a company HEROGRA ESPECIALES, S.L.

Today, Herogra Especiales, SL is on track to earn €16 million in revenues and has more than 10 manufacturing-packaging centers, combined with operations in more than 40 countries.

Herogra Especiales Milestones

The following are the most important milestones in the company’s history:

  • In 1998, it was the first Spanish company in the sector to achieve the ISO 9000 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental standards.
  • In 1999, the internationalization of Herogra Especiales starts.
  • Between the years 2000-2001, the draft gels (copper and fertilizers) starts, with the development of new patents. The implementation thereof is subsequently expanded with the creation and legalization of plants and warehouses as Establishment Pesticide being registered as a manufacturer of plant protection products: copper fungicides, herbicides (glyphosate) and insecticides.
  • In 2004-2005, the market for foliar fertilizers is completely revolutionized with gels invented by Herogra. In Spain, under the insistent demand for distribution, most companies in this sector hopelessly try to copy Herogra’s dense gels, but they fail to thicken more than clear liquids, upsetting the end user.
  • In 2006, several extensions are produced in the factory: a soluble crystalline plant is expanded, the chelate production plant is extended, and a second production line is created for the packaging of gels.
  • The expansion of liquid copper factory in 2007 made it Europe’s largest plant, producing concentrated suspension of copper with a production capacity of 30 metric tons per day.
  • In 2010, major work is taken to expand finished product storage sheds within the 45000 m2 grounds.
  • In 2013 and thereafter, a daily increased demand for our products leads to a new manufacturing plant, which has fully automated packaging with multiple robotic packaging lines installed, taking a major leap in production capacity.
  • Today, HEROGRA ESPECIALES S.L. sells in more than 40 countries and has a catalogue with more than 200 products.