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  • 25-07-2023

Extremophile microorganisms against climate change

Extremophile microorganisms are those capable of surviving under extreme conditions: high or low temperatures, acidity, salinity, pressure, etc. Therefore, they have a great potential to adapt to climate change and could be key to the development of tools for mitigating the negative factors it has on crops.

The genus Bacillus

The genus Bacillus is a type of extremophile microorganism that is able to form spores. This allows them to adapt and resist in changing environments, such as high temperatures or droughts.

The ability to protect themselves is particularly relevant in the context of climate change and its impact on crops. These microorganisms can engage in symbiosis with plants and help them resist stress, prevent diseases and improve soil conditions where plant roots are located.

This ability known as PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) is crucial in microorganisms. They provide nutrients to plants by fixing nitrogen, solubilizing phosphorus and potassium, and producing auxins to regulate plant growth. They can also help in the recovery of damaged soils.

The presence and symbiosis of these microorganisms are essential for crops to survive the stressful effects of climate change.

At Herogra Especiales, we are committed to research and development of technologies that harness the potential of these microorganisms.

One example is TOTEM, a biostimulant and rooting agent based on a fermentation of extremophile microorganisms with PGPR features. We have selected extremophile and non-spore-forming bacteria that are capable of working under adverse conditions. As a result, they will help crops to resist climate change.

In addition, the TOTEM microorganisms will have their biostimulant effect despite being under these conditions. This plant-bacteria interaction improves the availability of water and nutrients by moving the substances that the plant needs to grow properly.

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