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Herogra Especiales

The widest catalogue of Special Fertilizers and Biostimulants

for Agriculture

  HEROFOL DENSO. Gel Fertilizers

Advanced foliar fertilizers based on our patented GEL technology. A liquid fertilizer with the concentration of solids. HEROFOL DENSO products are specifically designed for foliar application, characterised by neutral pH, full solubility and special properties intended for the maximum effectiveness of foliar applications as well as the uptake of nutrients by the plant. HEROFOL DENSO includes a wide range of special and complete nutritional formulas adapted to every vegetative stage: growth, flowering, fruiting and ripening.

  Liquid foliar fertilizers

  Solid foliar fertilizers

Fully soluble products with different and complete nutritional balances.

  Coppers and algaecides

Advanced formulas based on copper oxychloride in the form of concentrated suspension (SC). Characterised by extreme thinness, maximum protection, maximum duration, maximum persistence and laminar effect. Give high protection against the attack by fungi and bacteria.


  Simple soluble solids


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