Ca, Mg and soil corrector



Formulation with calcium complexing agents based on lignosulphonates. Fine tuning for the control and prevention of calcium deficiencies as well as the correction of saline waters and soils, reducing electrical conductivity…

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Calcifol® Complex

Complexed calcium formulation with lignosulphonic and amino acids. Penetrates leaves and roots easily. Especially recommended for the prevention and correction of imbalances caused by calcium deficiencies…

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Calcifruit Complex

Complexed calcium formulation without any content of nitrogen or chloride. Perfect to cover the nutritional requirements of calcium during all stages of the crop. Certified for Organic farming…

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magnifol m


An effective magnesium corrector for both herbaceous and woody crops. Favours the assimilation of magnesium due to its three different forms of nitrogen…

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magnifol complex

Magnifol Complex

A formulation especially designed for the correction and prevention of magnesium deficiencies by via foliar. Magnesium is the central ion in chlorophyll, which explains its importance in plant productivity…

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Calcifol plus

Calcifol®Plus S-N

Liquid complexed-calcium-based fertiliser with lignosulphonic acids and lacking in nitrogen. Especially recommended for the correction and prevention of imbalances caused by deficiencies in calcium in phases where additional nitrogen is not recommended…

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calcifol 11-22

Calcifol® 11-22

Calcium and nitrogen-based fertiliser in liquid state, thereby facilitating dosage and handling. Its nitric nitrogen is immediately absorbed and, at the same time, facilitates calcium absorption, thereby adding to its effectiveness…

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quelato calcio

Herocalcio EDTA

Chelated calcium formulation with EDTA that easily penetrates both leaves and roots. Especially recommended for the prevention and correction of imbalances caused by calcium deficiencies. Can also be used as a salinity corrector…

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