Solid Foliar Fertilizers

Total solubility and ease of assimilation make these products ideal for covering nutritional requirements at times when rapid use of nutritional elements is required.

These products are formulated in accordance with the generic requirements in the various phenological stages of crops and have been manufactured using highly soluble raw materials that are easily absorbed in foliar treatments.

Most commonly used formulas

Formulation for foliar application, especially designed to foster the vegetative development cycle, the growth of shoots and buds, and during the first stages of evolution of the fruit and other crop reserve organs where an increase in yield in posterior phases is sought.
High-concentration, balanced N-P-K mineral fertiliser formulated using substances that aid the penetration of the nutritional solution ions into both stomata and the permeable cell membranes.
Mineral fertiliser with a high phosphorous concentration especially designed for use in the flowering stage and formulated in accordance with the generic crop requirements during this stage and to favour subsequent setting.
Formulation especially designed to foster the development cycle of the fruit and other crop reserve organs and where an increase in production coupled with increased quality, consistency and yield are sought.
Formulation designed for all crops but especially recommended for olive groves. Use in autumnal treatments in order to increase the fruit oil yield and in summer treatments to favour fruit development and water loss due to poor stomatal regulation.

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