Foliar liquid fertilizers

Hero-k 50

Hero-K 50

Formulation with the highest concentration of potassium, 500gr/l, originating from its carbonic acid salt. Ideal for complementing crop nutrition in fruit development stages.

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Hero-k 30

Hero-K 30

HERO-K 30 is a potassium solution of 300gr/l of potassium oxide. Easily absorbed, it is suitable for both foliar and ferti-irrigation applications.

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Herofol Urea Líquida

Herofol® Urea Líquida

Nutritional complement rich in Urea Nitrogen especially recommended for foliar application to promote the vegetative development of the plant.

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Herofol 8+4+12

Herofol® 8+4+12

Liquid compound specially designed for foliar application. The ideal complement for increasing production, yield and quality of the fruit.

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Herofol 5+20+5

Herofol® 5+20+5

Liquid compound designed especially for foliar application. The ideal complement for increasing radicular growth or stimulating flowering and favouring setting.

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Herofol 8+8+8

Herofol® 8+8+8

Liquid compound especially designed for foliar application. A balanced, high-quality formula enriched with chelated micronutrients.

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