Amino Acids

Envase Herovital Serie Oro

Herovital® Serie Oro

Short chain amino acids and peptides obtained by hydrolysis for highly concentrated and effective foliar and radicular action. Also includes a chlorophyll activator. Constitutes a rapidly-absorbed and effective nutrient in both herbaceous and woody crops…

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Envase Herovital radicular

Herovital Radicular® 

Amino acid-based bio-stimulant of radicular absorption that is absorbed by plants without expenditure of energy and, as such, is applied at critical moments during the crop cycle…

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Envase Herovital suprem

Herovital® Suprem

Concentrated amino acids obtained by hydrolysis for foliar and radicular action. Promotes flowering and the setting and ripening of the fruit…

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Envase Herovital vegetal

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Herovital® Vegetal

Amino acid-based biological nutrient for foliar and radicular action. Obtained by hydrolysis through natural fermentation of vegetable proteins. Certified for use in ecological agriculture…

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Envase Herovital 10

Herovital® 10

L-amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis for foliar and radicular action. A biological nutrient of rapid absorption and high effectiveness. Helps recovery of debilitated crops…

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