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  • 14-11-2022

Copper and its importance in agriculture

Copper is a fundamental element commonly used in agriculture in a nutritional way to control phytopathogens. As plants grow, they need copper to achieve a balance in the right concentrations. Within the different groups of elements, copper falls under the category of micronutrients, which are necessary in a lower concentration but are just as important.

Although copper is essential for nutrition, it is mostly used for its ability to inhibit the development of plant diseases, mainly for its fungicidal action. 

Diseases it can prevent:

Copper has two functions, to correct and to prevent typical plant diseases. The most common diseases caused by fungi include:

  • Mildew: This attacks a large number of species, including cucurbit crops and grapevines. Its symptoms and lesions are mainly seen on the leaves with light green polygonal spots that will undergo necrosis.
  • Scab: This affects various species such as apple trees, pear trees and loquat trees. The symptoms are black or brownish-grey spots on the leaves, buds or fruit.
  • Anthracnose: This disease attacks various species of nightshades, almond trees and grapevines. The symptoms include the appearance of brown circular spots on the leaves and close to the nerves, which will undergo necrosis.

How and when to use it

It is applied to form a protective surface layer or film on the crops that prevents fungal spores and bacteria from taking hold and developing. The copper used in the treatments dissolves in a small proportion and the Cu2+ ions are absorbed through contact by the microorganisms that, during their spore germination stage, try to take hold in the crop. The Cu2+ then replaces other metals required for the survival of the pathogens in infinitesimal quantities, leading to their poisoning and death. As a result, this mineral does not penetrate the plant tissues.


Solutions from Herogra Especiales:

Herogra has developed an innovative production process resulting in extremely fine particles, giving greater surface contact and protection and a longer-lasting effect, which makes this product more effective and economical than others.

  • HEROCUPER 38/70: Fungicide product offering contact action. It is a copper oxychloride with a copper metal content of 38% or 70%, in the form of a concentrated suspension, that works through contact. Can be applied preventively as it stays on the leaf, preventing the proliferation of fungi.
  • HEROCUPER MAX: Fungicide product based on copper oxychloride at a 70% concentration for foliar and preventive application, offering contact action.

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