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  • 23-09-2021


Zucchini (Figure 1) is a vegetable belonging to the cucurbitaceae family and its growth is indeterminate, making it produce fruits and flowers at the same time. This makes it important to provide special products for the fruit setting, in order to ensure a good production and harvest. Zucchini is an increasingly widespread crop, with more and more production in Spain and in the European Union over the years.

Figure 1. Zucchinis

In Herogra Especiales we work with high quality products, technology and research to satisfy all the needs of your crop.

Therefore, ECOTOP is your product to enhance a very important phase of the crop such as fruit setting and fruit development.

To evaluate the fruit setting efficacy of the product ECOTOP applied by foliar application on zucchini plants in greenhouses in comparison with a product normally used by the farmer.

The trial is carried out on zucchinis, in Castell de Ferro, in the province of Granada.

The agronomic data of the trial are shown below.

  • Crop: zucchinis.
  • Variety: Logos.
  • Location: Castell de Ferro (Granada).
  • Crop system: greenhouse.
  • Application system: foliar.
  • Fertilization: the entire greenhouse has the same type of fertilization except for the treated area, which has ECOTOP for fruit setting, and the rest has a product commonly used in the area for fruit setting.

For the trial, 6 plants were marked inside the greenhouse to which the ECOTOP product was applied, while the rest of the greenhouse was treated with a product normally used by the farmer.

Figure 2 shows the 6 plants treated with the ECOTOP product marked on the left with a red ribbon.

Figure 2. Plant treated with ECOTOP on the left. The rest of the greenhouse was treated using the treatment used by the farmer for fruit setting.

Table 1 shows the dosage of the treatments used.

Table 1. Treatments used.

Table 2 shows the application calendar of the products.

Table 2. Application calendar.

After the application of the ECOTOP product at the recommended doses, it can be observed that the plants have a good fruit setting, achieving a high quantity of fruits produced. In addition, it can be observed how the product enhances the vegetative development of the zucchini plant, with a higher leaf biomass compared to the untreated area. Figure 3 shows plants from the control area and plants from the area treated with ECOTOP.

Figure 3. On the left is a plant treated with ECOTOP and on the right is a plant from the area treated with a reference product used by the farmer for fruit setting. The photos were taken on the same day.

Due to the rapid growth of zucchini, results were observed in a short period of time, so the trial, although carried out in a period of one month, showed a positive results in that period, making the farmer wanting to use the product throughout the entire farm immediately.

With the foliar application of ECOTOP in zucchinis, a good aerial development of the crop can be achieved, with large leaves and a good foliar biomass, in addition to increasing the number of fruits developed per plant and increasing the production.

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