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  • 09-11-2023

What is crop stress and how to beat it?

Crop stress refers to adverse conditions or factors that negatively affect plant growth, development and yield. These conditions can be extreme, such as drought, frost, floods or high temperatures, and can also include diseases, pests, poor agricultural practices, lack of nutrients or inadequate soils.

Water deficit, high salinity and high temperatures are environmental stress factors that constrain crop production. Water is essential for crop germination and development, while salinity can affect seed viability and plant growth. In turn, high temperatures cause changes in plants that negatively impact fruit development.


To beat crop stress, it is important to take preventive and corrective measures in all available means.

  1. Choose suitable crops and varieties that are resistant or tolerant to the specific stress conditions present in your area. 
  2. Analyze the soil to determine its characteristics and specific needs. Improve the soil with organic matter, compost or appropriate fertilizers to enhance its structure, water retention and nutrient holding capacity.
  3. Avoid over- or under-irrigation, both of which can cause water stress in crops. The use of efficient irrigation techniques, such as drip irrigation, should be considered to minimize water waste.
  4. Implement integrated treatment practices, such as biological methods, cover crops, crop rotation, and responsible use of phytosanitary products to control diseases and pests as recommended.
  5. Soil and foliar analyses to determine nutritional deficiencies are essential for the application of fertilizers in a balanced manner and in adequate amounts.
  6. Where possible, crops should be protected from adverse weather conditions. This may include the use of greenhouses, high tunnels or covers to protect against frost, strong winds or high temperatures, as well as the use of products that create a protective physical barrier.
  7. Regularly monitor crops for any early signs of stress. This will allow quick and timely action to be taken to address the problem before it worsens.

It is important to know that each crop and region can show specific challenges and stress factors, so it is important to adapt treatment practices to the particular needs and conditions of your crops. Herogra Especiales has several products in its portfolio that are specially designed to reduce crop stress.


EKLIPSO is a product that creates a natural physical protective barrier against solar radiation, preventing the temperature of the plant or tree from rising excessively. 

Tests have shown a drop in several parameters: leaf and fruit temperature, percentage of damaged fruit, plant stress measurable in MDA value, as well as stress due to photoinhibition.

Herogra Especiales also sells HEROMAR and HEROVITAL SERIE ORO, aimed at reducing stress caused by high temperatures and water stress.

The image below shows two broccoli plants suffering from high temperature stress. However, the plant on the right is treated with Herovital Serie Oro and the one on the left is not.

The following image shows some tomato plants subjected to water stress; the left one has been treated with Heromar and the right one has not.

Finally, Herogra Especiales offers  ECOTOP, a fruit setting enhancer product for ensuring good fruit setting even under stress conditions. 

The image below shows fig fruit setting with Ecotop and without Ecotop.

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